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Raval Prakruti


  • Every student has many ambitions, many dreams & aims in life. And to fulfill them everyone needs a platform. Without a strong platform, it is very difficult to achieve dreams. Similarly my college helps & gives us a strong & wide platform to each & every students. And support us to achieve our dreams & aims. I am really thankful to my college, principal & most important all my much respected teachers.


Shah Vidhi


  • I am really lucky to get admission in Sharda School of Pharmacy. I am really very glad & delighted as I have found extraordinary education, grand infrastructure & satisfactory facilities. The principal, faculty & all the staff members of my college are very kind & co – operative.


Rana Sachin


  • The best thing about my college is its extremely dedicated faculty members. Our respected teachers make sure that each and every point of the syllabus is understood by each and every students of the class. My college is also organizing many extra & co – curricular activities on a regular basis for the all round development of students.
  • The principal of my college is also very supportive and makes sure that we get all the facilities and requirements well in time.
  • Our college also has internet and transport facility.


Pooja Patel


  • I took admission in this college due to a suggestion given by my relative. And today I am truly and really thankful to him for showing me such a good college. I am quite sure that my college has blessings of Goddess Saraswati and infact it will not be wrong to say that Goddess Saraswati resides in my college.


Amrutiya Forum


  • My college is one of the best new colleges in Gujarat. I love my college.


Manish Suthar


  • When I got admission in Sharda School of Pharmacy, for first few months I was really terrified seeing the strict atmosphere & very high level of discipline maintained by the faculty members. But now having spent 2 years in this college, I have really learnt that such discipline is very necessary in a professional course like pharmacy.
  • Another good thing about my college is that it is situated away from hustling crowd & pollution of the city in a scenic location.


Palak Patel


  • Our routine day at my college starts with a prayer.
  • The entire fraternity of this college is very much supportive. The college itself has good ambience & infrastructure.
  • The faculty members also take personal care for each and every student.
  • Our college also celebrates many festivals, days, conducts picnic, many sports competition; many extra curricular activities & annual function as well.


Palak Shah


  • I am quite thankful to the almighty to make me take correct decision by taking admission in such a wonderful college. Today both I and my parents are very sure about the fact that my future is in safe hands.
  • Coming from a village and having studied in Guajarati medium in school, my English was very poor, and so when I took admission in this college I was very scared and thought that how would I study, but the faculty members of this college helped me tremendously to improve my command over English language.


Vora Drasty


  • I would just like to say one thing about my college. I got only 55 % in 12th science. And toady in B. Pharm I am having a SPI of 8. This would not have been possible without the support, dedication and facilities provided by my college, principal sir & all my teachers.


Patel Dolly


  • Unlike many other colleges in Gujarat, our college not only makes us work hard to pass in exams, but also empowers us to acquire in depth knowledge of the subjects so that we can shine in our professional carrier.
  • Our college is only interested in overall development of all the students.


Smit Nayak


  • Our college is fostering student’s individual growth. It also maintains a productive classroom environment for benefit of all the students. Student growth instructors (Professor) are in a unique position to provide an academic performance and also help them to grow mature and know about themselves.
  • Students from this college form a positive self image and increase their sense of efficacy in both and beyond.
  • In case of requirements, the college provides all the requirements which the students need during study.
  • The transport facility from the college is also available.
  • Many extracurricular activities are also being done in my college like sports week, College Days, Navratri function, etc…
  • As we know that, “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and it’s just hard to sleep after that, Like that way, our teachers help to communicate with each other to improve the communication skill.


Preksha Doshi


  • I am proud to be a part of S.S.P family as it imparts its student’s a sound full technical education along with a blend of recreation. Our teachers are very talented helpful, friendly and give their best for their students. Also the laboratory, library and campus of our college are full of facilities. My college provides its student’s a golden pathway for the complete and overall development of a budding pharmafriends like us.


Ishita Dave


  • Sharda School of Pharmacy is a wonder college. It is beautiful and full of friendly, caring people. The faculties are truly dedicated to their work and are very invested in each student’s success.
  • They know a great deal about the subjects they teach and have amazing real world experiences. They are equally enjoyable as faculty, mentors and friends.
  • Professors treat students with respect and the faculties are within reach whenever we need them.

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